Don’t Worry. Make an Expansive Move, and Be Happy.

Movement awareness lowers stress
“Our body language reveals that we can change our own body chemistry—simply by changing body positions.”
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Checking With Your Body First for Answers.

Shifting attention from a mental, to a physical and feeling orientation.
Free will is the ability we have as humans to make choices
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Staying Present and Engaged

Steering Yourself Back to the Moment
As human beings, we possess a unique and very powerful ability to focus our attention on the present moment.
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Are Your Smart Devices Causing You a Pain In the Neck
The technological revolution has taken a toll on our bodies
The more cell phones, electronic tablets, virtual games and computers that we use, the more we build stress in our bodies.
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Change Your Movement, Change Your Brain

We can use our bodies to help us think better.

Being aware of how you move your body can help you think more clearly and turn up the dial on your brainpower.
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Free Yourself

The heart knows what the mind sometimes can’t grasp.

The heart knows what the mind sometimes can’t grasp.
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Conscious and Unconscious Regression
Discovering and reliving earlier experiences that may influence how you behave today
In a psychological context going back to early or past behavior is termed regression. Originally Sigmund Freud classified regression as adefense mechanism for coping with stress; where one reverts to earlier, more childlike patterns of behavior to cope.
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Stress: It’s Not All in Your Head.
Don’t waste too much time “figuring it all out.”

Imagine how your life would change if you had a trusty ally that pointed you in the right direction when making decisions.
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Horse Whispering for Life Enrichment
Interacting with Horses for Emotional, Mental and Physical Benefits
Successful relationships with horses require compassion, kindness, precision, patience, clarity, knowledge and great leadership.
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Make a Move, Your Brain Loves It.
Shift from limited thinking to creativity in one move.



The moment we bring attention to our movements, any movement, the brain resumes growing new connections and creating new pathways.
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De-Stress on Demand
Using a body first approach to stress.


The stress stats are screaming at us. They may even be adding stress for some, but they like stress are very real.
1.) 80% of Dr. visits are stress related
2.) More than half of all deaths result from stressful lifestyles.- U.S. Center for Disease Control. ...
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Is Too Much Juggling Causing You Brain Drain?
Multi-tasking non-stop? Anxious when separated from smart device?

According to a recent study by Anxiety UK, 45% of responders said they feel "worried or uncomfortable" when email and Facebook are inaccessible.
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Setting “Whole Body” Intentions as A Valentine’s Gift to You

February is about Self -Love. This time of the year is a perfect time to assess what you desire.

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Accessing Your Creative Intelligence

People often ask me “How do you stay creative and find the time to write blogs and books”.

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What Happens to Our Kids Picasso Moments?

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up.”  There’s a telling story about a psychologist interviewing young children.
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What's Your Body Telling You About Realizing Your Dreams

I was listening to the radio recently and heard Ryan Vogelsong, pitcher for the World Series champs S.F. Giants tell a cool story. He shared how he was complaining about some of their friends to his wife one morning saying, “ They don’t seem to be happy about their lives.” She replied to him with, “ Ryan, not everyone gets to experience their childhood dreams, like you did and still do.”
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Cucumber Water is Not LemonadeI was recently floating in the outdoor pool at a local hot springs resort when I heard a loud voice shouting,
“ Honey you will love this, its just like lemonade.” I got curious to who this voice belonged to and where this person found this delicious lemonade, so I opened my eyes and what I saw was an excited mom handing her young toddler ...
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Spring Raises Your Happiness Levels“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.” Ernest Hemingway, “A Moveable Feast.” Read More

Creativity Is Ageless

It’s never too late to create dreams, to go after your bucket list desires or complete that lifetime project in your mind’s eye. Read More

Hallmark Holidays: Celebration or Bad Memories?


With another Father's day arriving Sunday, what does it mean to you? Will you be celebrating, quietly remembering, or will it be just another Sunday for you? Read More

Breathe: Your Life Depends On It

How often do you consciously pause from what you are doing to take a few deep, full, relaxing breaths? Read More

Rebooting You

For many of us there’s just no time to rest, the pace of life is too fast ... Read More

You Never Know When!

Reflecting back on my tour there were many great moments I will always relish but one incident in particular had a big impact on me. It challenged me at the core and brought home how memories, although they may be forgotten at some level, still can surface at any time. Read More

Are We All Walking Time Bombs?

When we get filled up with too much emotion we need to find safe ways to clear it out... Read More

Forgiveness, An Uncommon Sense

If you've ever been dumped by a lover, demoted by a boss, or hurt or bullied by an old classmate, did you hold onto hateful thoughts or even carry revengeful actions out on them to get even or even feel better? It wouldn't be surprising if you did either of them, since we watch so many movies and feel so good when the good guy gets even with the villain. Read More

Hooked on Electronics?
When is the right time to introduce your child to cell phones and computer games? Read More
How Compatible Are You Two?


Relationships can work when couples only connect on some levels if they are conscious of why they are together and are content with the areas they do connect. Read More
Headline: Holiday Stress Tips
The winter holiday season offers a wonderful time to enjoy special moments with the ones we love. For many, this time of year also stirs up some emotions around family, past memories, loneliness and reflecting on where our life is now. Read More
Stress Linked to Breast Cancer
Psychological stress may be involved in the causation of breast cancer aggressiveness, Read More

Rebooting from the Inside Out

"Stop Over Thinking". It's easy to say but harder and harder to do, Read More

You Have an All


When challenges come our way its always good to know we have guidance available. Read More

Women: Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled??

So if you are feeling fat, fuzzy or frazzled or having panic attacks, irritability and anxiety you may have thyroid slowdown. Read More

Are You a Glossophobic?

Many surveys have revealed that above the fear of death and disease is the fear of standing in front of a crowd. Millions of people are terrified of the spotlight, whether it's speaking to a large crowd with a microphone or at a dinner table of four. Read More

Is It Your Mind or Your Thyroid That’s Got You Down?

A thyroid imbalance in any person, diagnosed or not, can cause mental and psychological symptoms. Read More
Assumptions Are the Termites Of RelationshipsIn relationships we are always at a choice point, to assume and blame or tell the truth about how we are feeling and what we need. Read More

How to Deal with Body Trauma from World Events


With the amount of information we watch, read and listen to today we are exposed to more threatening events and that means our bodies never stop working to anticipate, avoid and overcome their effects. Read More

Lady Gaga: The Message Not the Messenger


"I live half way between reality and fantasy at all times. There just really is no separation between [my real life and stage persona]. Read More

The Royal Union: The Mojo of William and Kate

So you decide who is the Alpha, the Mars, The Venus, the Sperm or Egg is in this royal concoction, which to me looks like a great love we all will enjoy for many years to come. Read More

Who’s the Sperm or Egg in Your Home?


All men always act like Martians and all women always act like Venusians, right? Wrong. Read More

They Are Watching Us


As adults, we are responsible for providing our children with how to handle adversity and tough challenges that life offers. We know now that children develop beliefs about themselves, others and the world around them during the first six years of life. Read More

Is it safe to go to a ball game anymore?


On all levels sports fans need to get a life, find ways to express their anger in safe environments with a counselor and not let it all out on Saturday night or Sunday at the stadium. What happened to the concept of sportsmanship? Help! Read More

Three Power Moves for Decision Making

Making decisions in flight or fight mode can be dicey; better to step back when intensity strikes and find a relaxed, calm state before taking decisive action or reacting in a way that adds fuel to the fire or costs you a client, good staff member or a lot of money which you regret later. Read More

How Is the Japan Disaster Affecting You?

It's hard not to feel horror, sadness, anger and more while watching other members of our global family without water, missing family members and in the firing line of a nuclear meltdown. What's also important is to find ways to make sure you do not over stress your body. Read More

Y.O.U. Inc: Five Tips for a Perfect Work/Life Balance

I suggest to balance your work/life by changing your life from one of default to being proactive by design. Read More

Who Decides What Our Purpose Is?

Do I know what I am here to do? Is my purpose driven by something I heard from someone else or from a divine spirit or a feeling inside? Read More

Get Your Mojo Workin' on V Day

Relationships can work when couples are conscious of why they are together and are content with what they do have. Read More

Faith it Till You Make It

If you're not faith-ing it till you make it, what action can you take or support do you need to get your confidence and belief quotient up? Read More

On Purpose: Keeping You and Your Organization Determined, With Incentive

So often we set out to achieve the success that fulfills our dreams, but the logistics, the selling, the fixing and managing consumes us, and we don't take the time to reflect on our original purpose for doing what we do a good part of our waking hours. Read More

Presenteeism: An Epidemic That Could Be Costing You More Than You Know

Spending time as a trainer and speaker in the corporate world has exposed me to a costly, somewhat unseen threat to employers. It’s called Presenteeism, where productivity is lost due to employees actually showing up for work, but not being fully engaged and productive while there. Read More

Spin Wars: The antidote to spindoctrination

It was the time of the Spin Wars. Darkness covered the land. A contagion of lies, a virus of false words and acts, spread ill will, toxic pollution and terror to all corners of the globe. No one, it seemed, was spared the plague of Spin. The media, the politicians, the merchants, the popular heroes, the most cherished institutions, and even the people themselves were infected with the Spin virus. No mind was spared this condition. Read More

Your Thought Monitor

The universe acts in ways sometimes to capture our attention and lead us to discover relevant information to achieve our goals... Read More

Busting Confusion: Caught Between 2 Feelings

Spin-doctors are all around us are giving their slanted focus of events like the economy, gulf oil spill, war, and more, Read More

I Bow to Thee: Entering the Temple of Sacred Sexuality

It is said in the Hebrew tradition that when two people join in love, a voice from heaven announces the merging of the souls. In Hebrew your lover or spouse is your "Bashert", which means destiny. Read More

Feelings, Why Do They Get a Bad Rap?

Parents Unite Against Bullying

In an article in USA TODAY last week Nanci Hellmich reported on a new study revealing that obese children get picked on by bullies more than thinner kids. No surprise there, as bullies pick on anyone who is vulnerable to their abuse; whether its due to their weight, size, color, religion or hairdo...those kids are more likely to be prey. Read More

Raising Our Kids to Think, Feel, & Be Healthy

Feelings. Why Do They Get a Bad Rap?

Former Miss USA Tara Conner was on Oprah recently to talk about her struggle with drug addiction.

The most prominent theme was about how feelings can be overwhelming and lead to addiction as a way to numb out and not feel uncomfortable emotions...."Heaven forbid we feel" was mentioned twice.

Tara turned to drinking, drugs and cutting herself at age 14, as a way to cope from her parents' divorce and granddad's death.
She explained how the pressure and anxiety from these events were too much for her to cope with.

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Raising Our Kids to Think, Feel, & Be Healthy

Raising Our Kids to Think, Feel, & Be Healthy

We have all heard about the recent alarming stats on childhood obesity......Obesity rates among youngsters and adults in the United States have skyrocketed during the past decade. Read More


Teaching Our Kids to move not just think!

Yay for the study and article in USA Today by Amanda Gardner, HealthDay titled, Experts: Recess improves student behavior. It's about time! I remember when my very bright energized and engaged son stood up after sitting at a desk for several hours and got scolded, I told his teacher. " Read More

Boost Your Relationship Mojo

Likely you have heard the word mojo used in reference to virility as in the Muddy Waters' song with that immortal lyric: "I got my mojo workin'." You might also remember The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison belting out, "gotta keep my mojo risin'..." at the end ofL.A.Woman, repeating the lyric faster and faster to simulate making love. Younger generations may recall the Austin Powers film The Spy Who Shagged Me, wherein the spoof-hero loses his mojo while in bed with Ivana Humpalot. So, to many of us who learned about this word through pop culture we think of our mojo as our sexual power. Yet it means a lot more than that. Read More

How High or Low is your BQ tm ?

Life is not meant to be an out of body experience. 

But often it is. Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in our thoughts and our efficient multi task machines that we forget to check in and see what our body is doing or saying to us. Here's a test to inform you and raise your body awareness quotient or BQ for short. Read More

Our Children: When Silence Is Not Golden

Teen suicides, cyber and gang bullying, and drug/alcohol use is at epidemic levels. What can we do?

For starters, parents, teachers and coaches can teach children to listen to and trust their gut instincts. The body has a natural protective brain in the gut and kids need to be encouraged to listen to this. By encouraging our children to trust their gut at an early age, we can save a child from over-riding their instinctual feelings and starting down the wrong path, going along with bullies or drug pushers. If they know they can tune in to their own strength, their own voice, then they will have the opportunity to make better decisions. Read More

Time to re-define "Primary Health Care Provider"

With all of the energy we are putting into the health care debate its time we re-define who our "Primary Health Care Provider" really is. The World Health Organization recently rated America 37th in health outcomes, on a par with Serbia. Our costs are more than twice as high per capita as those in other developed nations. I’ll borrow the famous line from The Music Man, and say "We've got trouble right here in River City," In fact, we've got trouble with a capital T on the healthcare front folks; no one can debate that. Read More

7 Steps for Reducing Economic Anxiety

7 Steps for Reducing Economic Anxiety You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created itAlbert Einstein One million people were asked how they feel about what is going on with the economy in a recent CNN survey. The consensus? People are mad! Our economic woes are off the charts-soaring stress levels and angry feelings find many of us walking around like time bombs. Read More

Are You Sperm or Egg

Do you race after what you want, huffing and puffing, as if a Spanish bull is charging you? Or is your style more the "sit back and let it come to me" variety? People boost their mojo simply by becoming aware of how they approach situations, not just mentally, but physically as well. Read More