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WBI will show you how to get out of your head and use essential
body-centered life skills to take charge of every area of your life with increased awareness, clarity, and confidence. Many self-improvement programs train people to identify and solve problems by thinking them through.
WBI takes you straight to the body for solutions.

This interactive book is full of compelling stories, effective body centric practices, self assessments and Steve’s 30-day plan to help you uncover blind-spots, close the gaps between existing and desired
behaviors, reinforce existing strengths, and create
enduring, sustainable change.

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Read Steve’s previous best selling, groundbreaking book!

What’s Your Body Telling You? offers wonderful tools to help you reduce anxiety and create the happiness you truly deserve–
Marci Shimoff, Star of The Secret and author of Happy For No Reason

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Change Your Beliefs, & Life

In these 4 Videos Steve shows you how to:

 Identify, release and change limiting beliefs

 Recognize and overcome non-productive patterns.

 Create more energy, creativity and confidence

Change Your Beliefs, & Life — $49.00

The Whole Body Intelligence Solution

Take the course Steve has taught to thousands, in live presentations and webinars to:

Embody and Express Your WHOLE Purposeful Self

Enjoy deeper personal/professional relationships

Add WBI assessment test and exercises to your life/work

 The Whole Body Intelligence Solution — $49.00

Infinite Possibilities Downloadable Audio Program

Enjoy 4 masterful guided audio journeys, meditations and additional Whole Body Intelligence techniques
( 30-minutes each)


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Steve weaves a musical tapestry of 13 inspirational original heartfelt songs that reflect several aspects of his life and work’s journey.

Know It Show It.  

Breathe In, Breathe Out 
You’ll Be There (duet, with recording artist Pamela Polland)

and many more…..