Assessing Your Work and Life Balance

Nothing is as close to us as our body, but there is nothing else that is close to us and about which we know so little. ~

Gunther von Hagans, Creator of the Body Worlds Exhibits

In little more than a decade, we have become high-tech beings, but evolution doesn’t happen that fast. Therefore, most of us get thrown off balance, physiologically compromised by a virtual lifestyle that leaves the body behind. The more cell phones, electronic tablets, virtual games and computers that we use, the more we build stress in our bodies. We move less and stare at screens more. And our health and a lot more suffers.

Work/Life or Body/Mind?

Many consultants and companies are recommending we create more work/life balance as a solution, by adding in an extra vacation every year, or even working from home a day a week, which are all certainly great steps in the right direction. However people are finding they still are using their mind most of the time, staying connected to their screens and thinking about work and stressing over it even on vacation. It’s hard to unplug!

Make Mind-Body Balance a New Daily Habit

What I suggest is to add more times away from the desk so you can unplug, reboot, and regenerate your body/mind, which creates more creativity, less stress and a true balance of the brain and body. To that end, I developed a simple assessment to help you look at what changes you can make to achieve waking up and adding more body intelligence into your workday.

Once you have completed your assessment then you can discern the how and what of your current state of body-mind integration. You will also discover how each can contribute to or detract from your personal success and fulfillment. Awareness is what we’re after here; awareness that invites a soft focus within and offers you a self-reflective process that can lead to breakthroughs and positive change.

Enjoy taking a 13-statement personal assessment survey and receiving specific written and audio tips and solutions according to your responses, to achieve more body/mind balance in your life and work. (link is external)