Body Appreciation Day!

I know at times it’s tough to appreciate your body for its true brilliance and how much it does it for you.

You may have concerns about how it looks, or you may not like how it performs in certain situations or possibly not like it because of pain you feel from living in it.

You might unconsciously use it to stuff emotions and expressions you are afraid to share with others and even have a negative, unfriendly vocabulary towards it, saying things like, “I could just kick myself for doing that,” or, “That guy gives me a head ache,” or, “This job makes me sick and is a big pain in the neck?”

Guess what? Your body feels everything you think and say. All your experience and knowledge, your pain and joy, your forgotten secrets and your deepest truths, get recorded in the cellular library of your flesh.

That’s why I suggest taking time to appreciate all your body does for you, and not ignore or worse, abuse it. Feed it with good thoughts, words and intentions.

Whatever relationship you have with your body, remember that is has been with you since day one. It contains great wisdom for you to access if you take the time to listen to it. In a way, it’s your personal Google. Use it and appreciate its brilliance. It’s your first and closest ally.

So whatever your relationship is with your body, today I recommend you spend some time to appreciate it and learn something about yourself,  from doing that.

Here’s how:

Thank your body throughout the day and love it exactly as it is.
Talk to it and give it permission to relax today.
Attend to any parts that are active or tight, and send love especially to those areas and places in your body that you have felt unhappy with or embarrassed about.
Give your body positive affirmations such as, “I love my shoulders and appreciate all that they have carried for me. I now release them and see them relaxed and happy.”
Give those body parts even more love with touch and massage.

Enjoy this one- minute video to help you celebrate and appreciate your “friend” today. You AND your body will be happy you did.