Conscious and Unconscious Regression

In a psychological context going back to early or past behavior is termed regression.  Originally Sigmund Freud classified regression as adefense mechanism for coping with stress; where one reverts to earlier, more childlike patterns of behavior to cope.

Since regression is a common phenomenon that occurs most often under stress, we all do it constantly, yet most of it is unconscious. When an executive feels stuck on a problem they regress to infant behavior sucking and chewing their pen down to the cartridge. When a spouse feels neglected they regress by throwing a tantrum and threatening to take something away. A new college student misses home and regresses by cuddling with their child hood Teddy Bear.

Notice the next time you chew your pen like a teething ring or throw a wild kicking and screaming tantrum. Ask yourself, “ Am I  regressing to cope or not feel something, or am I avoiding that tough conversation or decision?”

Since this “defense coping mechanism” is so prevalent we might as well consciously embrace and direct regression to our benefit. Today people are doing inner child work, regression therapy, rebirth and the list goes on.

Whether you do hypnotherapy, breath work or inner child work, consciously going back to high impact moments that influence how you behave today, can be enlightening and healing.

Assuming body posturesand feeling emotions associated with particular past experiences can be a very effective way to recall and heal past memories, even the ones buried deep in the recesses of your unconscious.

Helping clients and myself regress and go back in time through breath, body and movement awareness has surfaced material that has enabled us to understand the source of our behaviors, and the opportunity to have a do-over, get things off of our chest and change negative behaviors.

If there’s some pattern or behavior you want to change, I recommend regressing back to the original moment and have your self a do-over. Say what you didn’t get to say. Move the way you wanted to but couldn’t as a child. Breathe deeply since most likely when a past traumatic moment happened, you held your breath.

Go back……and move forward!