Free Yourself

The heart knows what the mind sometimes can’t grasp.It’s been there from day one.When stress overwhelms us with strong emotions we often stuff it away in our heart, but the negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we detached from mentally don’t just go away. Every one of our experiences is literally etched in our heart and imprinted in our consciousness. Holding back our emotions and expressions and enlisting our bodies to hold them for us may have been the necessary solution in the past, but it caused us to form habits and limiting beliefs that might not be in our best interest now.

How to Turn Anxiety into Peace By Turning to Your Heart

Dr. Paul Pearsall, in his book, The Hearts Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energyclaims, “ The human heart, not the brain, holds the secrets that link body, mind, and spirit.” In an interview with Author, therapist Carolyn Hobbs I learned how she blends practical Buddhist wisdom with quick, easy heart-centered therapy tools for transforming anxiety, fear, despair, guilt and sadness into joy, freedom and inner peace within one-to-ten minutes. In her newly released book, Free Yourself Ten Life-Changing Powers of your Wise Heart,she helps readers meet anger with understanding, fear with loving compassion, and worry with curious awareness. In our interview Hobbs shared, “We are all born with unlimited joy, kindness, compassion and inner peace inside our heart. But often, these innate heart qualities of our heart are clouded over by worry, disappointment, fear and despair. Or we postpone freedom, telling ourselves, “After work, or after I retire, or after the kids get out of my hair, or after I get well, then I’ll feel free. Other times we seek joy, freedom and inner peace in the wrong places.

Hobbs offers us solutions in her new book with two-to-ten minute “heart” tools that can be easily practiced during your morning workout, meditation or commute that help you feel lighter, more joyful and playful and will satisfy your mind. Sounds good to me.

Keep listening to your heart. It has a lot to tell you. For more on the heart and how you can learn to free yourself, go to