Is 2020 the year I go full out for my dreams?

Do I have the clarity, strategy and support to create my vision(s)?

Am I willing to change any limiting beliefs that might hold me back?


I ask myself these 3 questions regularly to assess, stay on track, plan and take action.


If you said YES to the 3 questions, then I have a special invitation for you.
Come on an adventure with me.
Let’s partner up for six months.



As your private mentor and no holding back cheer-leader and accountability coach for every goal and commitment you set.

Watching your back by helping you recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and habits that may be sabotaging your efforts.

Advising you on how to produce and market and monetize yourself/business/products.

Creating with you, whether its producing your web or promo video, marketing materials, on-line course, proposals; whatever you “can’t not” finish anymore.

Teaching you powerful authentic communication protocols to help you produce the results you want in all relationships.

Teaching you powerful authentic communication protocols to help you produce the results you want in all relationships.

Sharing my Whole Body Intelligence methods with you to energize your mental, physical, and emotional intelligence.

Coaching you to make decisions and action steps that include your heart, your gut, and your spiritual purpose, as well as your head.

Offering you structure and a blueprint so you will know step by step where you are going.

Encouraging you to express yourself fully, listen to your inspirations and create the level of health and relationships you desire and deserve.

Introducing you to my community, and my decades long rolodex of friends, clients, allies and media connections and resources, that might align with what you want to do. I always keep my eye open when I mentor someone to share a referral or open a door or promote a service AND I look out for you, to save you from going to the wrong “no return on your time or money” places. You will benefit from my past mistakes, lessons and research.
My knowhow is yours.