Your Thought Monitor

The universe acts in ways sometimes to capture our attention and lead us to discover relevant information to achieve our goals, even if we don’t recognize it at times.

I was living in Maui, Hawaii, and at the time, I had a bunch of books that I realized were just taking up shelf space.  I went to sell thirty or forty really good books, and the owner of the used bookstore said, ‘I’ll give you one book in exchange for yours.’ I thought to myself, ‘Wow, that doesn’t seem very fair.’ I walked towards the exit and a book literally fell off the shelf in front of me. It was so strange, that I immediately purchased the book.

It was called The Yoga Sutras and it talked about how the whole universe operates from energy that is ascending and descending. For example, you throw a ball up in the air, and it comes down.  A light went on and I realized when I work with people and say, ‘What do you want?’ They say, ‘Oh I want to write a book, or become a doctor, or whatever the desire is.’ I notice their energy immediately goes up, (ascends) they get bright, they stand up straight, etc.–  I called those kind of thoughts that produce an ascending feeling in our body, an upward thought. A thought that gave them uplifted energy.

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Then within seconds, maybe a minute, I found they would, because of their mind and their beliefs, say, “Oh, but who needs another book?” Or “I want to have a great relationship, but the last one was so hard.” And their energy would go downward. Their mind would go down, so I called those thoughts, downward thoughts (descending).  Just think how many upward thoughts and downward thoughts you have in a single day!. It’s like a yoyo, and we can do it all day long….and it gets exhausting.

This inspired me to create a third thought category called a wayward thought, in which we find ways to get out of our yoyo energy and escape. For example, instead of choosing to write your book, after a downward thought, you might say to yourself, “Oh, I think I’ll just take a new computer course instead.” That’s the wayward thought. We find a way to give up our dream and find another distraction instead.

My suggestion (to myself too, because I forget) is to open your body so you can actually have more room, and more energy in your body, so you can have an inspirational thought, and not habitually bring it down. Your body can be your thought monitor, so stay aware of your upward, downward, and wayward thoughts.